19th Annual Tractor Show

August 7 - 12, 2017

We play with tractors
Coopersville Antique Tractor Society meets at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of every month at the Coopersville Farm Museum, 375 Main Street, Coopersville, Michigan.  Membership is $15 per calendar year per person.  See below for information regarding the Coopersville Tractor Show and other scheduled events. 
Tractor Drive, July 8, 9am departing from Coopersville Farm Museum.  We will take a leisurely drive through the countryside and through an orchard.  We will come together for lunch at Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm Market and return home after lunch.  All tractors/drivers must be registered and MUST be able to maintain 10mph at all times.  Drivers must hold their own liability insurance and sign a waiver to participate.  Each driver must have a valid license.  Coffee and donuts available at the museum at 8:30am. 
Sarah Carmody, winner of the 2011 Powder Puff Tractor Games